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Montgomery County Maryland is one of THE MOST DESIRABLE places to live in the United states.  Besides being in close proximity to the nation's capital (Washington, D.C.) it's residents enjoy the following: 

  1. One of the lowest crime rates in the state of Maryland

  2. Affluent -The 10th highest median family income in the United States of $106,093 as of 2011 (according to the U.S. Census Bureau).

  3. An Approximate 96% High School graduation rate (which according to Money Magazine is not unusual for Maryland, nicknamed The Educated State).

In a nutshell, Montgomery County encompasses the American Dream!  It's safe, educated and Idyllic however this comes with a price.  The median home price in Montgomery County Maryland (Area Code 20902) is $439,900. Sept 2016 Metropolitan Regional Information System Below is a list of the 5 least expensive homes in this zip code 20902 in Montgomery County Maryland:

9824 GEORGIA AVE #18-303, Silver Spring, MD 20902
{mls: MC9747689}

  • 2114 BONNYWOOD LN #1-102, Silver Spring, MD 20902  {mls: MC9704357}    $177,000

  • 1121 UNIVERSITY BLVD #1205, Silver Spring, MD 20902      {mls: MC9648508} $169,000 

11514 BUCKNELL DR #121, Silver Spring, MD 20902  {mls: MC9729999}  $160,000
1111 UNIVERSITY BLVD W #704, Silver Spring, MD 20902 {mls: MC9760533}   $130,000

We will be publishing other lists similar to this in the future. 
Best Places to Live in Montgomery County
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