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While showing properties, I often get this question from home buyers: “What are some of the differences between buying a Rambler vs a Colonial/Two-Story home?” These are the two most common residential style homes in the DMV area.

Many clients like Rambler style homes because of the convenience of everything being on one level. Particularly people who are looking to down size love Ramblers!

However colonial style homes particularly gain the interest of large families because of the space, and the privacy feature of having your sleeping quarters on a separate level.

Both style homes are great and serve a purpose. So when you’re searching for a home, the best advice is: look for something that fits your lifestyle. Don’t feel pressured by the industry norms, do what’s best for you and your family.

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Gwendolyn Childs

Gwendolyn E. Childs is one of the area’s top realtors. Her tenacity, willingness to work above and beyond for her clients is what sets her apart from others. Gwendolyn loves Real Estate and the ....

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